How much will Basildon’s charge me to take care of all my accounts for the whole year?

This will depend on a few important factors, such the size, nature and structure of your business, and what bookkeeping solution you use. Our fees often fall substantially below what our clients were paying their previous accountant. The easiest way to find out is to give us a call! Typically we will only need to ask you a few simple questions in order to provide you with a quote.

My business is not located in Melbourne– can I still switch to Basildon’s? How does this work?

Absolutely! It makes no difference to us where you are located in Australia. Unlike many other accountants, we generally don’t perform work at client’s own premises. We will contact you whenever we need any files or paperwork posted or emailed to us, and you can call or email us at any time if you have questions or require advice on any matter. We do not charge our clients for miscellaneous advice provided over the telephone or via email. If you are local, you can also drop your paperwork off at our office in Epping.

Can Basildon’s also do my personal tax return?

Yes we can. We charge $95 for a Basic Return. Items that make the return more complex, such as if you own a rental property or are actively trading shares, come as additions to our $95 basic rate. Email and request a detailed pricelist.

Does Basildon’s also offer a bookkeeping/BAS lodgement service?

Yes, as a registered Tax Agent, we can of course lodge your BAS’s for you. However, if you require on- site assistance with your books, we recommend you engage a registered BAS Agent in your area. We have a network of bookkeepers whom we work with and who support our unique concept; contact us if you would like a recommendation.

I want to switch to Basildon’s, but my current accountant is part way through completing my last year’s accounts?

In the absence of exceptional circumstances we would generally recommend that you let them complete the work they have started, before moving your accounts to Basildon’s. If your current accountant is happy to discard the partially completed work without billing you for it, then we can arrange the ethical clearance straightaway.